Thumbtack Reviews

  •   Answered texts and emails quickly. Worker was on time - actually a little early - which was fine.

    Rick R.
  •   Excellent service...quality! Would definitely use again!

    Julie S.
  •   They did an amazing job on my hardwoods! They look like new! I would highly recommend this company.

    Connie S.
  •   I would definitely work with 315 hardwoods again. I definitely recommend them to others. Just look at these before and after pictures. This is with just two coats of poly. They look even better now as the third coat of poly has been applied and is currently drying. you be the judge.

    Karen s.
  •   315 Hardwoods owner, Justin, is someone I liked right off. He came by rather late in the evening to take a look at the job, maybe around 7 pm. He was very friendly, and gave the firm impression of someone who gets the job done properly. Since it was getting late and he had yet another estimate to do that evening, he was unable to address some of my questions but said he would follow up with me. He and his crew did a good job in sanding and finishing nearly the entire first floor of our home. I am lowering my rating due to other factors, primarily of a customer service nature. He never really got back to me. I believe every communication thereafter between us was accomplished entirely through my own initiative. Although we had cell phones, texting, and email for communication with one another, there were quite a few problems with simple communication, mostly from him to me. I would communicate to Justin, but I would either not hear back at all, or only after a lengthy period and perhaps only after a second prompt. Our needs as a customer were quite simple. We wanted to know the starting date for the work, and how long we might be expected to be out of the house before being able to return so we could make the necessary arrangements to stay in a hotel. We had to put off making a hotel reservation until the last minute because we received no response from Justin regarding the estimated date of job completion. We thought we had the starting date set, but even that proved wrong. Our initial understanding was that the job was to start on a Monday. In trying to confirm with Justin when we needed to be out of the house on Monday, we received the surprising response that we did not need to be out on Monday. I assumed we had misunderstood and that he would be starting on Tuesday. However, Monday morning on my way to a doctor's appointment, I got a call from Justin saying they were standing in the rain outside my house and could not get in. We arranged for them to start the next day. However, it was still not clear when we could return. When the crew arrived on Tuesday morning, without Justin, I gave them a check for down payment on half the estimated price of the job. I told the worker in charge I could give them a key to the house, or I could show them how to enter through the garage using a keypad deadbolt lock. The keypad lock was preferred. I provided them with the entry code, and warned them they had to use only the deadbolt keypad to lock the door. The doorknob on the door had the customary button lock on the inside knob, but I told them that I had no key for that lock. It is always unlocked. I stopped by the house early in the morning two days later to swap out cars. The doorknob lock on the garage entry was locked, which meant the crew would have no way to get into the house. I sent Justin a text message to let him know, and asked what time the crew was expected to arrive. He told me they would not be there until 10 a.m. I had to drive to Binghamton for a meeting. I reluctantly told Justin I would have to leave the front door unlocked. I asked him to remind the crew that they cannot use the doorknob lock at the garage entry, only the keypad. I also asked him to let me know when they left for the day, and that the front door had been locked. I never received the confirmation. I found out the job was finished when I texted Justin late on Friday to ask if the crew was still at the house. We had already booked the hotel for Friday, and were at that point expecting to return home on Saturday. Eventually I heard back from Justin on Friday night, reporting that the last coat of finish had been laid down that day and they left around 2 pm. When returned to the house on Saturday we found the front door ajar, the sliding patio door off the kitchen unlocked, and the kitchen window unlocked. There were also four large black plastic garbage bags stacked up in front of my garage door, apparently filled with trash from the job for disposal. I put them inside the garage and contacted Justin about the doors being unlocked and the trash left behind. He said they had opened various doors and windows to air out the place after putting on the last coat of finish, which I understood. But you still lock things up when you leave. He apologized for the trash left behind, saying his van was too full to take it when they left. He said he would swing by and pick it up. I put the trash bags back out in front of the garage door as I left for work. When I returned home that evening the trash bags were still there. The next day they were gone when I got home from work. The only communication I received from 315 Hardwoods after that was an email with an attached statement asking for payment in full. Our half down had not been credited, which I was later told that no credit had been given because Justin had been carrying the check in his pocket all week and had not deposited it. In my view, it's hard to overstate the importance of customer service. No matter how well one does a job as a technical matter, if you do not know how to work with your customers your business will suffer. 315 Hardwoods is a very small business dominated and run by family members. This is exactly the kind of business I like to support. They would do well to get some assistance in learning how to manage the customer service end of their business. Customers are not jobs; they are people. I have taken the time to write this long review because I wish them the very best. I would say they are capable of being much better.

    Rob L.

Yelp Reviews

  •   We just had Justin and his crew do our floors. The price was fair. They showed up on time everyday and were very neat and controlled the dust. The floors came out great. I highly recommend them!!

    thumb David P.
  •   Ebony/Espresso Modern JOY!  Working with 315 Hardwoods was a pleasure.  Replaced the rooms that had carpeting to new hardwoods and changed the look to Ebony/Espresso throughout the home, including the stairs.  I'm very happy with the outcome.  YOU CAN'T TELL that floors were added to all bedrooms - Everything Blended!  I look forward to coming home to this modern look/feel!  Thank You Justin & His Team - I Love This Home 🙂

    thumb Joseph M.
  •   315 Hardwoods refinished the pine floors in the upstairs of our log home.  The crew was professional and efficient.  Our house is quite open (loft over kitchen and living area) and I was extremely pleased how little dust there was.  It was amazing!  The floors look fantastic!  We should have had this done years ago.  Thanks 315 Hardwoods

    thumb Mary Beth H.
  •   What a great experience we had with Justin and his team!  We just purchased a house and had all of our floors redone.  We had just the hardwoods left to do and were wanting to move in within a weeks time.. Justin came..rearranged his schedule a bit and had them done in time for us to move in.. he was professional, timely, easy to get a hold of and talk with, and our floors are GORGEOUS!!!!  We couldn't be happier!!  Thank you to Justin and your whole team! We highly recommend 315 Hardwoods, you won't be disappointed

    thumb Jennifer B.
  •   Great service and amazing price. Justin will beat any competitor! The final finish looked brand new with the perfect gloss. Thanks Justin for your hard work and promise to provide an amazing service. I would recommend him to anyone!

    thumb Min H.